Robert Lloyd Praeger Wilderness Experience

Robert Lloyd Praeger Wilderness Experience

Broaden your horizons with a weekend in the Wilderness, learning new skills.


Famous Irish naturalist/botanist Robert Lloyd Praeger, opened up curiosity and provided education into some of Ireland’s wildest and most remote areas, particularly in Mayo. His book “The Way that I Went” is an account of his journey throughout the island of Ireland and we felt that a course, reflecting some of the experiences he would have undertaken would be a good foundation and introduction for those seeking guidance on venturing into the Irish wilderness. This book was published in the 1930’s and some of the skills Robert Lloyd Praeger would have used have been forgotten, as our connection to the environment has dwindled. We believe a lot of these skills and techniques are just as relevant today, are transferrable to the workplace and also to everyday life.


This experience incorporates taster sessions from our wilderness courses with an introduction to Navigation techniques, Environmental Studies, Stargazing, and Leave No Trace, and an overnight camp in Ireland's only designated Wilderness and Dark Sky Park.


This offers a unique opportunity to engage with nature and a chance to sleep under the stars in one of the last true wilderness areas of Europe. This introductory wilderness course is designed for all levels of fitness and experience. It is ideal for those who want to challenge themselves and for groups wishing to explore Personal Development skills such as Team Building, Effective Communications and Leadership. 

  • Our Robert Lloyd Praeger Wilderness Award features: 

    • Introductory map reading & navigation techniques
    • Wilderness hiking & campcraft
    • Environmental Studies (Flora & Fauna)
    • Leave No Trace Awareness (certified course)
    • Introduction to Stargazing 
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