From the Greenway to the Milky Way

We love gallivanting and our tours will  bring you off the beaten track to some of our favourite places in the west of Ireland.  From the Greenway to the Milky Way, you never know what shenanigans we might get up to!


We encourage natural curiosity and our "average day out" might include local wildlife 

and biodiversity, stunning scenery, storytelling and on evening walks, a little magic, moonlight and starlight safari.   


Our sample tour itineraries have been designed for local hotel packages, but all tours can be tailored to your needs. Call or email to book a tour, or create your own from our menu.

The ABC Tour…Abbey, Beach and Castle

This does exactly what it says on the tin!  We will transport you to several locations to experience local walks on  a stunning beach, a visit to a Medieval Abbey and one of our rich heritage of Castles in the area.

Learn about Clew Bay's fearsome Pirate Queen, Old customs such as the Swearing Cross and take a relaxing stroll through rustic bohreens and a stunning blue flag shoreline. 

This tour involves some short walks with transportation in between. 

Duration 2-3 hours

Starting location - Newport

Transport included & pick up/ drop off available from Westport or nearby location

Fairies Forts and Folklore

Known as “fairy forts”, Ireland’s landscape is full of ring forts and heritage monuments that connect us with the lives of our ancestors.  This tour will introduce stories and local folklore in a cultural landscape.  


Let us introduce you to the traditions of the Old Irish Wake, where one was invited to take a "dudeen of baccy" and a glass of uisce beatha.  We will reserve a chair by the fire for our seanchaí to sing a song and tell a tale from the old days.   So put that in your dudeen and smoke it!


This tour involves some short walks with transportation in between. 

Time 2-3 hours.   

Starting location - Newport

Transport included & pick up/ drop off available from Westport or nearby location

Walk on the Wild Side

Discover your Wild Side and reach a Natural High by exploring the West of Ireland with us.  This is a great way to experience the real wild-west and free your wandering spirit in some of Ireland's most remote hills.   With several route choices to suit any walker, we can guide you through the "inspiriting" landscape of the Nephin mountains as described by 19th century botanist Robert Lloyd Praeger.

Walks may traverse steep and uneven terrain, our guides will advise you on equipment and clothing before setting off.  Good footwear and a reasonable level of fitness is required.


A full day hiking.  

Transport included & pick up (approx 10am) / drop off (approx 5.30pm) available from Newport, Westport or nearby location

Wild at Heart

 For those looking for a complete detox; let the batteries run down on your devices whilst you take time to recharge your own.  Without the interruptions of technology you can enjoy a secluded night of wild camping, listen to tales and legends of local lore whilst you watch the campfire crackle beneath toasted marshmallows.  


Your dark sky rangers will use a laser pointer to map out the night sky vistas with stories of the starry constellations.  There is nothing more refreshing than sleeping under the stars and waking to a natural sunrise.

Star Chasers Alert List

For those of you interested in stargazing safaris and moonlight tours at short notice, we have also started the STAR CHASERS alert list.  This is based on the idea of Storm Chasers, we will give you 2-3 days notice when weather and diaries coincide for a night under the darkest skies of Mayo.

Moonlight Hikes in Mayo

Get away from the bright lights of town and experience the natural beauty of moonlight.


Our full moon hike takes you to Ireland's remote Wild Nephin Wilderness where you can experience stunning silhouettes of the Nephin Mountain range, whilst hiking along part of the Bangor trail and Letterkeen Loop.  


All in the safe hands of experienced Mountain Leaders.  

Duration:  3-4 hours (this can be extended/reduced to suit)

Start location: Newport (opposite Grainne Uaile Pub)

Transport included.  

Magic, Myth and Moonlight

Our most atmospheric tour.  We depart Newport and head for the heritage site of Burrishoole Abbey to begin our evening with some moongazing, then following the north star, we will head towards Letterkeen for some local storytelling and magic by candlelight. This tour takes place well away from the artificial lights of town, combining candlelight, moonlight and a cup of delicious hot chocolate. 

Duration 2-3 hours

Short walks on forest/woodland trails

Starting location: Newport (Opposite Grainne Uaile Pub)

Transport included

Dark Sky Stargazing Safari

An evening of stargazing under the celestial skies with Dark Sky Ranger guides Georgia and Ged.  Discover the Milky Way in all its glory and learn about the mythological legends of the night sky with a laser pointer tour of the starry constellations.  


Optional twilight hike in Ireland’s only Gold Tier International Dark Sky Park.  

Duration 2-3 hours. 

Walk route/length adapted to suit group.

Starting location: Newport (Opposite Grainne Uaile Pub)

Transport included

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Daytime Guided Tours & Hikes
Night Time Tours & Hikes

As your safety and enjoyment is paramount, all our tours are subject to change due to weather conditions, particularly those featuring mountainous landscapes or night walks.  Our guides will make a judgment and adjust accordingly. 

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