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Special Event

 24th April 2019

Dark SkyRangers  - One night only...

Special Event - Join us on 24th April at Raheen Woods - 8.30pm

For a family evening event....


Visit an Enchanted Woodland after-dark to experience: 

  • Nocturnal Wildlife

  • Storytelling

  • Night-time Navigation

  • Night-sky Heritage and Stargazing (if weather permits)


This is a free event in collaboration with GMIT, Healthy Ireland and CYPSC, however, registraiton is required in advance to secure a place as numbers are limited. 



The Mayo Dark Skies project aims to preserve and protect the natural night skies from light pollution for present and future generations. One of its mission statements is “let us raise children who can name more stars in the sky than stars on the screen”.


As a diurnal species we have evolved with a day/night circadian rhythm with natural night time vision. However many of us are no longer exposed to darkness and the night now conjures feelings of fear and anticipation. Artificial light at night has almost converted our nighttime into day and our view of the natural night sky is often lost to the glow of light pollution. Consequently our generation and future generations, have lost the ability to connect with natural night skies as our ancestors would have.


Starting location - Raheens Woods, Castlebar 

Let's raise children who can name more stars in the sky, than stars on the Screen

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With thanks to Steven Hanley & Brian Wilson for astrophotography shots 

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