ABC  - Abbeys, Beaches & Castles

This does exactly what it says on the tin!  We will transport you to several locations to experience local walks on  a stunning beach, a visit to a Medieval Abbey and one of our rich heritage of Castles in the area.

Learn about Clew Bay's fearsome Pirate Queen, Old customs such as the Swearing Cross and take a relaxing stroll through rustic bohreens and a stunning blue flag shoreline. 

This tour involves some short walks with transportation in between. 

Starting location - Newport 

Transport included & pick up/ drop off available from Westport or nearby location

Next available Date

5th March 2019; 2pm

Price per person

Price per person €28 Includes Tranport from Westport


Newport's origins Local storyteller Visit 15th Century Abbey Enjoy sights of Clew Bay


Approximately 3 hours

Robert Lloyd Praeger, who walked over all of Ireland "with reverent feet", he said, eschewing motor transport "stopping often, watching closely, listening carefully".

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With thanks to Steven Hanley & Brian Wilson for astrophotography shots 

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